April 30, 2015

Ontario Bee Journal

Second feature article discussing the challenges and considerations for the design of pollinator gardens in urban and rural public spaces. From the May/June 2015 publication of the Ontario Bee Journal.


April 23, 2015

The Field

Investigating naturalistic planting design's ability to engage people in the ongoing maintenance and gardening of their favourite public landscapes. Published as part of the ASLA's Planting Design PPN (Professional Practice Network).


March 18, 2015

Ontario Bee Journal

A practical "how-to" article about gardening for honey bees and native Ontario pollinators in the March/April 2015 publication of the Ontario Bee Journal (Vol.34 No. O2).

November, 2014

Olmsted Scholar Blog Feature

A blog feature written by the Olmsted Scholars in the lead up to the American Society of Landscape Architect's Annual General Meeting in Denver. November 2014.