The Drew MacCandlish Memorial Garden

An exciting project has been the beautification of the Ameliasburgh Town Hall, designed and planted in 2015.

The Ameliasburgh Garden Club (who have been a tremendous support for me since I received their bursary in high school) was eager to both beautify the historic hall building which stood amidst a monotonous sea of turf, and create a small memorial for local garden designer and nurseryman Drew MacCandlish who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer in 2014. Drew was universally loved and respected by the County community and after leaving many of his gardening books to the Garden Club they were keen to honour his memory.

The gardens are intended to be intensely floriferous throughout the year, as so many of Drew's gardens were. At the hall long blooming, drought tolerant plants jostle for space in densely planted beds on either side of the front steps. Reclaimed stone from an old well at the nearby Ameliasburgh Museum was repurposed as an edging, harmoniously linking the gardens with the stone facade of the hall. Thanks to the support and volunteer labour from the Ameliasburgh Garden Club the gardens are thriving.

County Live article: September 29, 2015 -